Monday, March 23, 2009

KFL endorses Huelskamp, makes life awful tough on Wasinger

While I left the country for spring break, it seems politics never takes a break anymore.

Kansans for Life took the unprecedented step of endorsing Sen. Tim Huelskamp for Congress a few days ago, which makes it, I'm sure, the earliest endorsement of a candidate in KFL history.

What makes this endorsement so interesting is Rob Wasinger's attempt in a March 10 fund raising letter to make it appear the National Right to Life committee had endorsed, or was leaning towards, endorsing him.
"Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee said I had been ‘a strong ally and key strategist in many pro-life fights in Congress."
There really seems to be no limit to the lies the Wasinger campaign is willing to tell in order to further Rob's own personal agenda of power in Washington. He's even willing to distort a fellow pro-lifers words in order to extract more money from Kansans hard earned paychecks.

So far, Rob has been unable to elicit even a penny in donations from the first congressional district. It seems that Rob's hit a wall, and when the chips were down, knowing how bad it would look to turn in another quarter of reports with no donations from the district he wants to represent, he decided instead to twist words and throw a fellow pro-lifer under the bus in order to gain the power he so desperately wants.

This desperate lie just further highlights Rob's continued inability to gain the support of Kansans in his campaign. And it just adds to the lies already told by the Wasinger campaign. Easily proven lies like telling the public he had already bought a house in Hays when in fact he had already changed his address to Cottonwood Falls. Like going on a national blog and saying I had posted something I hadn't. Like saying all of his campaign funds would be used in the first district when his campaign finance report only shows reimbursements to himself and his family. And now claiming an endorsement he's never received. What lie will the campaign tell next?

To me personally, this is just further proof of the failed strategy of the Wasinger campaign. Use unsuspecting national pro-life leaders to convince the folks back home that he's the most "pro-life" of them all and then build from there, eventually eliciting donations from people in the first district and shedding his "Washington persona."

But the problem with that strategy (or I think in Rob's case strategery) is pro-life activists in Kansas are engaged. They've been fighting the hard fights for years; they know who's friend and who's foe. They know who's been there for them when a fight needed to be fought and who threw prominent pro-lifers under the bus for their own gain. And no amount of outside influence is going to change their minds.

And that, I think, is why you're going to slowly see the Wasinger campaign implode. It won't happen overnight as I don't think he's tapped out his donors from Brownback's Presidential campaign, but as that money dries up and he becomes more desperate, you'll see more tricks just like the Doug Johnson endorsement lie. And each one will just put another nail in the coffin of his campaign.

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Anonymous said...

So good to see that lobbyists, East-coast elite, and some students from Ohio have lined up behind a Washington insider.

Where did the confusion that this seat is in Kansas come from?

We're all so fortunate to have them here, or I guess I should "there," to look after us.