Monday, December 8, 2008

The votes are in and Senator Huelskamp is the frontrunner

Well, the "votes" are in and Sen. Tim Huelskamp is the clear front runner to replace Rep. Jerry Moran in Washington.

As Politico reported on Jerry Moran's decision to seek a U.S. Senate seat, they also note only one candidate in the running to replace Moran, Tim Huelskamp.

Already conservatives are buzzing about Kansas state senator Tim Huelskamp as a possible successor for Moran.
Following up on those sentiments was Roll Call, Capital Hill's leading paper.

Huelskamp has been preparing his bid for a while: He opened a federal campaign account in 2006 when Moran was considering a run for governor and has $25,000 to start his bid."We've been spending a lot of time on the phone the last couple weeks, and we already have a campaign account open," Huelskamp said in a phone interview.
The other candidates? An honorable mention, but not much else.

Even news outlets back home in Kansas acknowledge that Sen. Huelskamp is the front runner

State Sen. Tim Huelskamp says he's thinking about making a run for Congress in two years. The Republican from Fowler said Tuesday that he's busy raising money and plans to make a formal announcement in the coming weeks.
No other candidate mentioned can match credentials or records with Sen. Huelskamp. As our state faces an unprecedented budget crisis, we can all rest assured that Sen Huelskamp will work to solve our budget problems the way every Kansas family has to solve their budget problems; through less spending and pork cutting, not through tax increases and passing the buck.

And those other candidates? Well, they either didn't show up for the party, caved to special interests or some even were the cause of our budget problems in the first place.

Washington insiders and big Topeka spenders. That's not what Kansas needs.

Common sense budget solutions and principled leadership. Now that's what Kansas needs.

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