Friday, December 12, 2008

"We are running for Congress"

Well, we're a little late with the news, but good news can never be too late, right?

Sen. Huelskamp has formally announced his bid for Congress with a late night email to supporters. (You can click the email on the left to enlarge it.)

Sen. Huelskamp had many great things to say in his announcement. The most refreshing, however, was Sen Huelskamp's understanding that conservative principles are NOT the reason Republican's were rejected at the polls nationally in November. Rather, it is a rejection in practice of conservative principles by Republicans that handed us a rather humbling defeat.
"Leaders in Washington in both political parties have lost touch with the fundamental principles that most Americans live our lives by every day - common sense, fiscal responsibility, and the traditional moral values and respect for individual freedoms that built this country."
Sen. Huelskamp is the frontrunner in the 1st congressional district race not because he has the most cash in the bank, but because he has a 12 year record in the Kansas Senate to back up what he is telling voters today.

Why would a voter even consider a candidate that has a questionable voting record or no record what-so-ever?

Anybody can talk the talk, but Sen. Huelskamp has walked the walk for twelve years.
"I am absolutely convinced that now is the time for a new class of principled leaders in Washington who will stand up for these and other core American values. We need folks who are willing to stand boldly for truth and the principles upon which our nation was built. So we are running for Congress. And with God's blessings and your support, I hope to become the next Congressman from the Big 1st District."
Read more about Sen. Huelskamp's announcement at Kansas Liberty.

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