Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mann up

In light of the Salina Journal article on Tracey Mann, I thought my quick campaign finance search would be of interest.
Described as "conservative, but not ideologic," Mann understands agriculture and "the importance of small business to central and western Kansas" Hemmer said.
Yes, that conservative label is awfully handy isn't it? As with every other candidate so far (of course with the exception of Sen. Huelskamp), Mr. Mann doesn't have a voting record, so it's difficult to say what he'd do if elected.

However, a search of donors to state races turned up a $200 donation by Mann to Democrat Mike Slattery, son of Jim Slattery. The older Slattery got his head handed to him by Sen. Pat Roberts but Mike got elected to the statehouse as a Representative. Mann's Roeland Park address is a couple blocks from Slattery's district.

So, there you go. Conservative but not ideologic means you give money to Democrats who's dad works as a lobbyist and ran against one of the best U.S. Senators Kansas has ever had.

It used to be Republicans that financially supported Democrats were called "moderates". Now they're "conservative but not ideologic"?

I'm just curious, what does a guy running for office in Kansas have to do to be called a liberal?


Jason said...

Not that I'm defending Mann, but I'm guessing he gave money to Mike Slattery because he was a participant in a youth leadership organization Jim and Linda Slattery are very active with in Washington, DC.

Again, just providing additional context. nothing else.

farmerjoe said...

That's actually good to know. I'll note as well it was the only contribution I found among state candidates. I haven't looked into federal contributions yet.

I'll also say though there are a lot of Democrats I know that I'm friends with that do good work in the community but I'd never contribute to so they could go to Topeka and cast wrong votes. But that's me.

Thanks for the insight!

Anonymous said...

Right, Tim, oops, I meant "FarmerJoe." It's far more important to put extreme partisanship ahead of good public policy and good works in the community. You don't care about any of that, do you? It's all about power.

KS Skeptic said...

I'm sure Miss Anonymous would be equally magnanimous if a previously unknown and newly declared Democrat candidate (I’ll name him ND for short) for the KS 2nd Congressional seat, calling himself progressive but not idealogic, gave money to Ned Ryun’s campaign for a House seat when someone explained that ND might have done so because ND participated in Jim & Anne Ryun's youth leadership organization.

Anonymous said...


Miss Anonymous is interested in good public policy. Sometimes it comes from Republicans, sometimes it comes from Democrats. All too often, good public policy doesn't come at all, because hyper-partisanship kills any good deed it comes in contact with.

So as to your hypothetical "ND" having given money to Ned Ryun - did Ryun get out and advocate for sound public policy, or good community or charitable works? Or was Ned nothing more than the partisan hack riding on his daddy's coattails he's always been? Hypothetically, of course.

Anonymous said...

"I'll also say though there are a lot of Democrats I know that I'm friends with that do good work in the community but I'd never contribute to so they could go to Topeka and cast wrong votes. But that's me."

Yes right. Tim friends with a democrat. Almost fell off my chair.

- Dan said...

Miss Anonymouse will fight for bipartisanship as long as everyone agrees with her side.
Jason, tell your friend Miss Anon that she comes off as extremely arrogant on almost all of her posts. It won't do your side any good.
As for Mann. Who do these carpetbaggers think they are? First district voters will see right through these candidates' search for power.

Anonymous said...


Will you please call on Tim Huelskamp to return all donations to all individuals who are not registered Republicans from now until the end of the election? We can't allow anyone to follow their conscience and donate to personal friends, or even just candidates they happen to like now. That wouldn't be right. Please say you will pledge your support : )

Thanks for being open-minded to my idea.