Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been there, done that

I was checking out Rob's website this evening to see if he had been able to produce anymore photo's of himself (none so far), when instead I was greeted with this headline: "Rob first to sign Taxpayer Protection Pledge"

Now, I'm not the hottest french fry in the happy meal, but this struck me as rather odd considering Sen. Huelskamp has been in office since January of 1997 and has voted on countless budgets, tax increases and cuts.

How disingenuous, no, I'm sorry, how deceitful of Mr. Wasinger to say that he is the first to sign the taxpayer pledge knowing that not only did Sen. Huelskamp sign a taxpayer pledge when taking office, but being fully aware of all he has done for the hardworking taxpayers of Kansas. And how did Rob vote? Oh, that's right, he has no record!

So not only was Sen. Huelskamp the absolute first to sign a pledge to protect the Kansas taxpayer (unlike the lie Mr. Wasinger is peddling on his website), he's met and exceeded the expectations of voters.

Sen. Huelskamp scored a 100% during the 2008 legislative session with the Kansas Taxpayers Network and has a lifetime rating of 98.1%, the highest of any state Senator! And Mr. Wasinger's rating? Oh, that's right, he has no record!

So while Rob may think voters will find it impressive he can sign his name on a piece of paper, I have complete faith knowing that Republican voters know the difference between wannabe's and the real deal.

PS - In fairness to those rabid Barker people who seem to think a former Democrat is the same thing as a lifelong conservative Republican like Pat Roberts, he also has no record, other than being a Democrat for years.

PSS - Many thanks to Dirt Diver Kansas for the photo. I'm just a little upset I didn't think of it first.


Anonymous said...


Rob seems to be getting to you.

-Your concerned friend

Anonymous said...

Poor Rob having to make up stuff just to look good. To bad the establishment is already lined up behind Huelskamp.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Alveda King announced yesterday that she is withdrawing her endorsement of Wasinger.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.

Ask any of the active pro-lifers in Kansas, from the West edge of the Big 1st to the metro of KC, Wasinger is no friend.

Ask KFL how he treats them.

Ponder why Brownback said he won't support Wasinger. Brownback, who has campaigned in previous years for Huelskamp, especially when he faced opposition from a prominent Democrat from Garden City.

Surely it's not the heat Brownback took, which Wasinger created by the way, from pro-lifers.

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot

Anonymous said...

How will Rob sell himself to rural KS?

1. Wrong on immigration - wearing the same battle scars Brownback got. . .check

2. Attacked pro-lifers in Kansas. . .check

3. May or may not actually live in Kansas yet? . . .check

4. A clear intellectual advantage over Farmer/Rancher Huelskamp. (Although Sen. Huelskamp just happens to have a PhD from American Univ.) Hmm. . .check

5. Lots of money from Virginia, which goes over great in Kansas? . . .check

6. Family well involved in the community? (Maybe in Virginia, where they own a nearly $900,000 home). . .check

(maybe they'll have a PO BOX in Hays that forwards to Virginia).

* It's official
Wasinger For Congress
PO Box 1320
Hays, Kansas

7. A true understanding of Kansans from a lifetime of experiencing East Coast boarding school, Harvard, and the "Washington Insiders" club?. . .check

Wasinger has covered his bases well, I expect the farmers, ranchers, hard-working Americans, and small business owners will cling to him.

H said...
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farmerjoe said...

There has been NO evidence that Wasinger has gotten ANY pro-life endorsement other than anonymous comments on this blog. I do NOT find anonymous comments credible unless they have some evidence to back them up. I find a comment that says the endorsement is now canceled just as hard to believe.

If you want somebody to believe you, email the blog at with a fundraising letter or note or SOMETHING. I'll be happy to post any endorsement and then show why it doesn't even matter anyway.

Dirt Diver / Kansas said...

Feel free to borrow any images you like from Dirt Diver / Kansas.

And if you have anything funny you cook up on your own, please, submit them to Dirt Diver.

Hopefully Mr. Wasinger will get in the game soon, too!

farmerjoe said...

Well, you may enjoy this post:

Feel free to use whatever!

Anonymous said...

This is so, so strange. Wasinger is going to have the money to make this thing competitive, and he and Huelskamp will probably split the conservative vote, handing Barker the nomination.

Anonymous said...

This is so, so strange: Barker thinking the vote is going to be split and that he'll have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Kansas voters like moderate candidates. Huelskamp and Wasinger are both too conservative, even for KS-01. If the Democrats put up a decent candidate, we'll lose the seat.

A moderate like Moran or Roberts- someone like Barker, is a safer candidate.

Anonymous said...


Posting anonymously on a blog late at night is not what the "frontrunner" and "real deal" in the race should be doing. What upsets you the most? The fact Rob continues to get national pro-life endorsements (Terry Schiavo's brother Bobby Schindler today) or that Rob's not paying attention to your ineffective attacks? Maybe they're equally upsetting...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, these anonymous posts are so cute. Ohhh, this blog doesn't matter. Ahhhhhhh, which is why you feel the need to keep posting here???

Ahhh, Wasinger is getting so many endorsements. Ahhhhh, which is why NONE on them are on his website and there's NO PROOF!

Rob, if you dream about getting an endorsement the night before, that doesn't mean you got it!

Kansas Jackass said...

Again, I've just got to say...this blog ROX!

Miss Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Republican cannibalism.

Eat your own, boys. Yum yum!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Timmy is crying his eyes out that all the major pro-life players are lining up behind Wassy.

I love the conservative infighting.