Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's official, Washington insiders think Kansans should vote for Wasinger

Can somebody send Wassy a memo...if you want to win an election in Kansas, it really helps if you know people, well, who are in Kansas.

Of course, I'm referring to the Fred Thompson endorsement Wasinger has posted on his website. It's supposed to be a big deal I guess (heck, I like Fred as much as the next guy, even though he has about as much liveliness as my 90 year old grandmother on a Monday night). But, I'm still waiting for somebody who's at least been to Kansas to come out and say they support Wasinger.

Is it too much to ask that the guy get local support? Is it that hard for you Rob?

Look, we all know you've been in Washington for years. We're aware you know the good ol' boy network. We know you're in good with people that have never been to Kansas and have no plans to ever come here. But at some point man, you're gonna have to come to Kansas and meet the people who actually live in the district you want to represent.

I understand this can be hard. After all, it was just back in March that you were on the steering committee for 'Mr. Moderate' John McCain's campaign to win the catholic vote.

Oh, and what local did Wassy list as his home? Was it Hays? Not! Virginia, of course!!!

But really, I'm just enthralled at you're ability to get people who endorsed Sam Brownback for President to endorse you for Congress (except Fred because, well, Rob had already run the Brownback ship ashore before Fred finally called it quits.)

Oh wait, what's that? People who endorsed Brownback are now endorsing the guy who ran his campaign? Gee, isn't that neat? Should we all be impressed you know how to use a Rolodex and welsh off your old boss?

Or rather, maybe the question should be why haven't other Brownback supporters made similar endorsements? Like Michael W. Smith, Tom Managhan and Stephen Baldwin? Or should we ask why King removed her support? Or why none of these "endorsements" can be found on your website?

Here, I'll help you out with a new campaign slogan:

The DC insider that Washington elites think Kansans should vote for.

FEC reports are due tomorrow. Can't wait to see how much of that $100,000 plus Wasinger claims to have raised came from within Kansas.


Anonymous said...

you must be so incredibly intimidated to be slinging mud so early for a race that happens like 2010.

tim, i used to like you until i saw these pathetic, negative rants. how do you expect to get anything done in congress for our people, when all you do is throw out mud? that's no way to lead.

Anonymous said... already has the FEC report numbers posted.

Anonymous said...

Mudslinging? Everything I read seemed truthful.

Wasinger people sound like Democrats. They hate it when Republicans point out the truth. Then all of the sudden it becomes 'mudslinging.'