Monday, January 19, 2009

Kansas Jackass: The besty of the lefty, straight from my parents basement

Well, I've been graced with criticism from a Democrat. I'm shocked. (Cue the sarcasm.)

Of course, those in the know are aware that
Kansas Jackass is a hold over from Boyda Bloc. The author is rather liberal in their views. I know, it's shocking they're (oh, wait, WERE) a Boyda supporter because she moderate.

In any case, I admit I enjoy reading our liberal 'friends' blog, which is updated several times throughout the day. Hey!
Don't judge me, even conservatives have a sense of humor. And what better to laugh at than a liberal who's hero just lost re-election?

But unfortunately, I simply can't compete.

My liberal friend is able to update their blog several times a day. And I don't blame them. If I had the benefit of some hijacked WiFi, an unemployment check and my parents basement, I'd write something here 3 million times a day too.

But alas, I work for a living. And I go to school. So, I simply won't be able to compete.

In any case, please keep on truckin' KJ. Even though I may fail, I'll still do my best to give you ample material. (Lynn Jenkins,
Lynn Jenkins, Lynn Jenkins, Lynn Jenkins, Lynn go KJ, go and write like the wind!!!)


Kansas Jackass said...

You do seem to have a sense of humor- that's awfully rare coming from someone on the Right.

I'm glad you're supporting the candidate you want to win- that's excellent- even if your candidate is a right-wing lunatic.

But, anyway, just came out to say "welcome"- let me shuffle back off to my basement and my gov'ment cheese now.


farmerjoe said...

Wow, I'm sorry, where are my manners. Welcome, I'm glad you're here. I look forward to the witty and irrelevant exchanges that are sure to come!

Kansas Jackass said...


Did you see our new post about Wasinger? You'd probably enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see Wasinger and Barker as serious candidates. My guess is that they'll put out feelers ... but it won't make it past Kansas Day.