Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wasinger raises 3.4% from Kansas, nothing from 1st district - Huelskamp 95.6% from Kansas, 62% from 1st district

In what can only be described as expected, Rob Wasinger raised just under 3.4% of total itemized contributions from within Kansas.

What is somewhat unexpected is his inability to itemize a single contributor from within the district he hopes to represent.

As the charts above demonstrate, Huelskamp is the clear winner in raising funds where it matters.

A state to state analysis shows Virginia to be the #1 battleground for fund raising with the Wasinger campaign. Just over 25% of total itemized contributions come from Wasinger's current home state. Second is New York at 18.5% and "home" to our new Secretary of State and, I might add, one of the best carpetbaggers around. Third is Wasinger's old stomping ground and home to the first gay marriages performed in the US, Massachusetts. Just over 14% raised there.

Kansas came in #7 with a mere 3.4% of total itemized contributions. Three contributors accounted for the Kansas slice, two from the second congressional district and the third from Wichita.

It's rather inexplicable how a candidate for Congress is unable to find a single large donor from within his "home territory" while the frontrunner is able to gain over 60% of his itemized contributions from within his home district, and over 95% from within Kansas.

Huelskamp reported more un-itemized contributions than Wasinger. I can only speculate that the vast majority of those came from hard working Kansans who gave what they could while itemized reports would seem to indicate Wasinger's came from out-of-state.

Barker raised just over $26,000 and only has $2,200 on hand, which combined with his business in bankruptcy and poor personal voting record, effectively eliminates him from the race.

It's also interesting to note that with all the star power Wasinger supposedly has that he was only able to raise $26,000 more than Huelskamp by going nearly exclusively to old friends in Virginia, New York and Massachusetts. Meanwhile Huelskamp stayed competitive with over 95% of contributions from Kansas.

It seems voters in the first district are voting with their wallets so far. It will be interesting to see if Washington insider cash will influence decision makers here in Kansas in the coming months. With the connections Wasinger has, it's certainly surprising he wasn't able to raise twice as much.

On the other hand, the numbers highlight the most difficult problem for the Wasinger campaign... they just don't know anybody in the first district.


Anonymous said...

Where are all the Wasinger people?

It'd be really interesting to know how many of those anonymous comments are from out of state, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

If his reception room was any indication, there ARE no Wasinger people. Only staffers.

Anonymous said...

This whole site seems a bit nitpicky. Okay Rob raised a lot of money from outside the district. Do we really want someone going to washington with only kansan contacts? Do you really think anything will get done that way?

also why don't you ever bring up barker. He is going to be the winner. He is a self financier and will destroy both of you.

Anonymous said...

You don't read really well. Barker was brought up, long enough to point out he has no money, idiot.

But he's a millionaire, right??? Riiiiiiiiiiight......

Barker people are idiots. No wonder nobody went to his reception at Kansas Days.

Anonymous said...

Oooh. Wasinger is getting out-of-state money, is he?

As he becomes better known throughout the KS-01, I would anticipate a dramatic shift.

As it is, the out-of-state support shows that Rob is known nationally in several circles and has admirers who believe he will represent Kansas faithfully. Out-of-state support indicates he is less insular than Mr. Huelskamp. It comes from 12 years of good hands-on work on state and national questions as Sen. Sam Brownback's legislative aide and, later, as Brownback's chief of staff. It indicates, in short, Wasinger is better prepared to hit Congress running. That's what the KS-01 needs and it is what Mr. Huelskamp, for all of his gifts, cannot give.

Self-disclosure moment: I am one of the out-of-state contributors, a small one, something on the order of about $200 to this point (I'm also old enough to be his dad, but he's nice enough to never mention it). I'm a native Kansan but I haven't been able to live at home since the 1980's. In any case, I've known Rob since 2000. I have seldom met anyone with such quick intelligence, a real openness to hear views other than his own, and a genuine respect for the opportunities and the responsibilities that come with civic life.

Understand, he left a comfortable staff job to come home. He could have become one of those perpetual staff-jobbers crowding committee rooms in DC. Instead, he's decided to lend himself in service to Kansas.

Either Wasinger or Huelskamp will do Kansas well. Kansas will win, whichever is elected. But for Kansas to do best, the choice is Wasinger.

- The Refugee Kansan

farmerjoe said...

I personally thought the story was interesting not because he got out-of-state money, but because he got nothing from the first district.

Have you met Mr. Huelskamp?

Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Have you met mister widdle man?

farmerjoe said...


Anonymous said...

As a resident of the Big 1st who has donated to the Wasinger campaign, I beg to differ with your assertion that he has not received any support from home. Wasinger will represent us well. I bear no ill will toward Tim Huelskamp, he is a nice guy, but as another poster commented, Rob is poised to hit the ground running and begin advancing Kansans' agenda from day one because he has already established significant relationships outside of the state. He has built strong conservative coalitions in D.C. with the financial backing they need to succeed. Wasinger's strong outside support is a testament to his leadership and should recommend him to the good people of the First District.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice on Wasinger's website that he has all of McPherson County in the First Congressional District? Maybe he is running for the Fourth District also?
Barnett is not the only one with location problems.