Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wasinger MIA at main conservative event

Apparently conservatives aren't as divided as everyone thought.

An email to today said that Jerry Moran, Todd Tiahrt, Sam Brownback, and Tim Huelskamp were all in attendance at the KRA Banquet Friday night. Wasinger was no where to be found.

Well, here's the whole email:
Just thought you'd like to know Wasinger was no where to be found at the KRA Banquet last night. Moran, Tiahrt, Brownback and Huelskamp were there and spoke. Nearly everyone had a Huelskamp sticker on. It won't be official for a while, but nobody I saw had a Wasinger sticker and no one I talked to really even knew who he was. Also, when they called Moran to speak, he was out of the building. Whoops!
Also of note, it looks like the Wasinger campaign has found a blogger of their own. You can visit it at if you haven't already found it from several anonymous comments left here promoting the site.

The latest story is that Wasinger got a lot of checks from Kansans at Kansas Days. Unfortunately, his campaign finance report tells a very different story.


Anonymous said...

Moran's stumbling was funny.

Why would Wasinger show up? KRA and KFL and every other "K" group is already behind Huelskamp, and Wasinger knows it, so why waste the time?

Anonymous said...

If Wasinger is pro-life he should have been at the KFL breakfast. Tihart and Moran get it. Instead he had his own gig next door. He's toast already. He'll get out now that Barnett is getting in.

Anonymous said...