Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clean campaign one day, lies the next

I have to hand it to the Wasinger campaign, they are such... how do I say this tactfully... artists, when it comes to leaving discrete anonymous comments to promote their candidate.
Is Huelskamp going to sign the clean campaign pledge like Wasinger did today?
You know, those pledges only mean something if you, well, abide by it.

From Rollcall today:
And according to campaign finance records, Wasinger did not report any itemized contributions from the mostly rural 1st district. Wasinger defended his fundraising, saying he expects to raise more in the district once he expands his campaign.

"I look at all the money that I've raised, all that money is going to be spent in the district," Wasinger said. "It's my very own contribution to economic growth."
I'm at a loss for words. Are you really that arrogant? People are hurting and you're being glib about your campaign funds contributing to economic growth? Are you that out of touch with the first district that you seriously think voters consider your out-of-state contributions to help them out economically?

Hey, from the bottom of my heart Rob,
thanks for all you've done for the Kansas economy! In fact, let's take a look at just what you've done to help us po' folk out.


Marilyn Wasinger
Copy machine purchase and post


Robert K Wasinger
Reimburse travel to fundraiser

Man, what a boost! I don't know what we would have done without your generous campaign spending to your family and yourself. And I'm just sure the travel expenses from December were spent in the first district.

So, where else did you spend money?

Cara E Gavin
West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Inkind: hosting expenses fundraising

Tim V Gavin
West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Inkind: Fundraiser event costs


John Walsh
Mclean, Virginia

Inkind: Fundraising event expense


Windows Catering Company
Alexandria, Virginia

Catering for fundraising event


Wow Rob. It looks like you care more about the economies in Virginia and Massachusetts than in Kansas. I guess this would explain why they're you're #1 and #3 contributors so far.

Do us all a favor and keep your East Coast money on the East Coast and don't be so arrogant as to think voters in Kansas see you're campaign spending as anything more than you trying to buy your next job.

Oh, and try not lying the next time. If you say you're going to spend all of your money in the district, why not try actually doing it???


Anonymous said...

Tim Barker WILL be signing the clean campaign pledge, will you join us and Wassinger in signing the pledge Huelskamp?

farmerjoe said...

farmerjoe doesn't sign campaign pledges. Huelskamp might, you should ask him.

Anonymous said...

What good does signing a clean pledge do if you lie the next day?