Monday, February 2, 2009

Governor sprints to catch fast moving bandwagon

A little laughable non-first district news for you.

The Kansas Democrat Buffalo Blog posted today that the Kansas Senate voted 40-0 to, (oh well, it's so good let me quote it), support "Gov. Sebelius's Position Against Housing Detainees from Gitmo."

Now how freakin' hilarious is that? HER position! You know, it was Sebelius (or Gov. Syphilis as my brother likes to call her...something about being contagious) who lead against putting the most dangerous men in the world in Kansas? Sebelius. Leading. Hilarious!

Because, she was the first one to talk about it, to dream it up, to say, "Hey, you know what, maybe that's not such a hot idea." Not Republican Senator Sam Brownback or Rep. Todd Tiahrt or Rep. Jerry Moran or Rep. Lynn Jenkins who have already taken the fight to Washington. Oh no. It was her idea.

Your first clue that's a flat lie is that the title implies she lead on something. Come on, when's the last time that happened? (Hello billion dollar deficit.)

I can't wait until Gov. Sebelius gets beat down by a good Republican! 2010 can't come fast enough!


Anonymous said...

Is Huelskamp going to sign the clean campaign pledge like Wasinger did today?

Anonymous said...

Word is Ken Blackwell is going to endorse Wasinger tomorrow. I wonder what that'll do. Wasinger likes to say he has a lot of endorsements, but they all come from anonymous comments. I wonder if that'll make him take them public...finally.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ken Blackwell endorses Wasinger considering that PROBABLY .01% OF PEOPLE IN THE 1ST DISTRICT OF KANSAS HAVE EVER HEARD OF HIM.

Tim can win this thing on his own and doesn't need boring old Fred and serial loser Ken.