Sunday, February 1, 2009

KS-01...MSNBC of the big first

As I previously noted, there is a new blog about the first district race. I'm certainly glad to link to it, as they have done so for me.

If you haven't figured this out already, let me be clear: I support Tim Huelskamp for Congress. I write this blog in an effort to get the truth out about his positions and what he's done for Kansas as well as get the truth out about his opponents and why they are not the best choice for Kansas or conservatives.

KS-01 seems to be different however. They claim that they will be non-biased and informative rather than, well, I guess biased such as myself.

I'm sure I feel like many other conservatives about 'bias' in the media. It doesn't bother me that the media is biased, it bothers me that they pretend they're not. This is my problem with KS-01.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a position. Everyone comes from somewhere and has beliefs that shape the way they view the world. What I'm saying is, everyone has some bias.

This is my gripe with the 'mainstream media.' I don't care that they lean left, it just irritates me that they pretend they don't. And really, to be honest, many of them probably really truly believe they are unbiased in their reporting. If all I read were righty blogs, that would soon become my middle ground and anything outside of that would seem slanted to me.

I believe the same is true of a large sector of the media, Kansas and national. They are surrounded all day by those who, for the most part, agree with what they think. Therefore their baseline naturally leans left and they are unable to admit or consider the possibility that they have been unfair in their reporting.

We have become a nation that seeks diversity at all costs, but external diversity. Diversity of thought is neither valued nor sought.

Ok, back off my soapbox now! I say this because KS-01 is neither unbiased nor objective.
Wasinger Gets Lots of Love at Kansas Days - While to our knowledge neither senator has officially endorsed Wasinger, it looks like the senior members of Kansas' Congressional delegation may be lining up behind Wasinger.

Huelskamp Fiddles While Topeka Burns? - In what can only be described as a bizarre attraction for Huelskamp, a single violinist moved about playing classical music at Huelskamp's event during Kansas Days on Friday. One wonders if these are good signs for our presumed front-runner.
I think it's great there's another blog out there. And it should only be natural for another campaign to organize someone to do what I'm doing here.

But for goodness sake, don't insult readers by pretending to be something your not! I find nothing more insulting than a TV anchor telling me what to think and then claiming they're 'objective.' KS-01 is no different. How insulting to readers to tell them you're unbiased and then write what is on there.

I personally don't understand what the problem is with having an opinion. When I post facts, they're facts, and my liking one candidate over another can't change them. When I reason through an argument, you can sit back and say, "You know, that makes sense," or say, "Wow, he's way off!"

I would take a reporter who is slanted but openly admits it over someone who claims to be objective but then only gives half the story anytime. And I find KS-01 to be no different in their choice of "reporting" than many major news networks.

Of course, you may disagree with me. But guess what? At least you know where I'm coming from!!!


Anonymous said...

It depends on what medium you're talking about.

If we're talking about TV media (the big news networks, CNN, MSNBC, FOX), they ARE slanted. But not toward any specific ideology; they're slanted toward ratings.

If you're talking about the internet, then it's a completely different story.

But this perpetual bemoaning of the entire profession of journalism as liberal is silly. It seems like there is a need of some folks to create bogeymen to rail against. Just look at Huelskamp himself - he keeps talking about things like gay marriage just to spook people into thinking that the gays will come and what? Take their children? It's a pretty old rhetorical trick - raise the specter of some distant scary thing and tell the voters that you will fight it, even though you created it yourself.

But yeah - with regard to the KS01 blog, you're right :)

- Dan said...

Is anyone ever surprised when one of the big daily newspapers in Kansas endorse a Democratic candidate? No - we expect them to. When they all endorsed Obama, it showed their bias and how out of touch they are with their readership (except maybe the Lawrence Journal-World).
In GOP primaries they endorse the moderate candidates. The only time they'll endorse a conservative is when that candidate is running against nobody. I guess they want to be able to claim they aren't voting a straight D ticket.
As a small-town conservative journalist, I notice that MSM bias all the time. At our state conventions, it is often just assumed that we're all liberals. Not.
And after reading the KS-01, I feel like my intelligence has been insulted. No bias? C'mon. If the KS-01 author is unbiased and just out to deliver the facts, there'd be no reason to be anonymous, right?
I don't have anything against Wasinger, but his blogging supporter shouldn't claim not to be biased.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told. . .

Wasinger was endorsed by former Planned Parenthood Lobbyist Fred Thompson.

Someone needs to remind Rob that he's supposed to decline endorsements that directly contradict what he claims to have stood for, these last several years that he claims to have kept in touch with Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Wassy signed on Paul Wilson?