Sunday, February 1, 2009

KJ gets outed at Kansas Days

It's a full moon in Kansas tonight. Wichita Liberty has posted video of the Kansas Jackass, who is anonymous no more.

Perhaps more on that later. Probably not though. The video is hilarious though. Deer-in-the-headlight, if you know what I mean.


Kansas Jackass said...

Damn- Republicans reveal me right before I'm on TV! Blast!

- Dan said...

Farmer Joe - You should reveal yourself too. We need more conservative bloggers who aren't writing under anonymous names. Jason will be getting plenty of guest appearance requests now. If all we have are a bunch of anonymous conservative bloggers out there, who is going to offset him?
I really don't understand everyone's need to stay anonymous. It pulls away from credibility, in my opinion, which then reflects poorly on your candidate.

farmerjoe said...

Hi Dan. I agree that we need more conservative bloggers and that, optimally, they should not be anonymous. However, that isn't always possible.

If you know the Kansas Meadowlark, then you know he was anonymous for a long time until recently. He remained anonymous because he risked loosing his job if his employer found out what he was posting on his blog. It turned out that's exactly what happened and that's now why he is able to post his name on his blog. In that case, I think we can both agree that sometimes anonymity is needed.

I would also disagree that not knowing who is behind a blog takes away from its content. Anything factual is referenced here, unlike at other blogs. And in the example above, the Kansas Meadowlark has been a trusted resource on campaign finance for many years, even before we knew who was the author. He was trusted because he referenced his content.

Further, I have received many anonymous comments here regarding "endorsements" for Wasinger, yet I can't find any such endorsements on his website or elsewhere. Kansas Jackass then posted those comments in a post giving them credibility when in reality they were nothing more than an anonymous post that could have been from anybody. Whether you know who's behind a blog or not, that kind of posting does nothing for the credibility of the blog. I would argue that even now that I know who writes Jackass that the blog has little credibility with me for that very reason.

I will remain anonymous for a good reason. It's unfortunate that that will mean nothing to you because, I realize, I am still anonymous to you! But I can't see a way around that right now.

Finally, I'll leave you with this: Jason was approached to be on TV and radio before the public knew his ID. Therefore it's important to realize that he came out so he could get on TV and radio... he wasn't offered those spots because he came out, he came out because he was offered those TV and radio spots.

It's very important to realize which event came first. Jason saw an opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame and decided that his anonymity was worth that 15 minutes. Otherwise he would have revealed himself long ago, when he was still running Boyda Bloc.

I'm glad your out there blogging for conservatives. I'm sorry I just don't have time for Twitter, otherwise I'd follow you, but I will follow your blog through RSS. Our small town newspapers need support, and I was surprised and pleased to see what you're doing.

- Dan said...

Good comments. I suppose nobody would want to get fired for their opinions.
I do predict the Web 2.0 will have a big impact on the next couple election cycles, so I still think we need a few more conservative bloggers out there who also show up on TV news or as commentators in newspaper political articles on occasion (plenty of bloggers are now common on Fox News, CNN, etc.)
But I do feel sites like yours will have an impact and we need to try to further develop a cohesive network of these efforts through the Web 2.0. - like #tcot on Twitter (which you should really join - just follow a few people so it won't take so much time.)
Nationally, conservatives are doing a very good job of organizing in this way, while Dems are still stuck on praising themselves for their election success and trying to throw insults at anyone who doesn't believe as they do – quite the party of intolerance if you ask me.
I've been following this race closely and met Huelskamp briefly during the first district meeting in Hays. Seems cut out for the job. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering - what kind of things could you say to get fired from a job?

Sounds like a wrongful term. lawsuit to me..

Miss Anonymous said...

Oh please. "Kansas Meadowlark" wasn't posting anonymously. Back when he was posting all his research on the Salina Journal's blog site, his real name was openly signed on his Kansas Meadowlark posts going back as far as, if my recollection is correct, 2004. If he was going to get fired for his political writings, it would have happened five years ago.

If you're going to smear people, at least use the truth, okay?

(And now Miss Anonymous will walk away, rolling her eyes in disgust)

Kansas Jackass said...

I said this to Pat Leopold, Lynn Jenkins Chief of Staff, at Kansas Days: Just because Kansas Republican Party activists didn't know who I was didn't mean it was a secret. It just means Democrats didn't clue you all in.


In the end, your cynical take on my grand reveal is probably fair: I just did this to get my mug on TV. I think we'll all find, though, the blog's going to continue doing what it has always done, regardless of my "fame." Take me at my word or not, I don't care: This isn't about me, it's about beating conservatives upside the head.

Going on TV and the radio- it's all just a continuation of that effort.

farmerjoe said...

I agree with you Dan, conservatives are doing a better job of organizing online, but I'd really like to see more results from that organization. Perhaps I'm too impatient. I think it's going to be difficult for us because of the same reason things like Twitter are hard for me... time. I work, go to school, this and that... I just don't have time!

Miss, I wasn't able to find the archives of the Sal Journal blogs. I didn't know Meadowlark posted there, but on his own website I never saw a name until recently. And perhaps I wasn't specific enough before, it wasn't everything on his blog that caused the problems but just one or two areas that he covered. In any case, I'm sure you can contact him directly somehow if you don't believe me. And thanks for posting something relevant and appropriate!

Miss Anonymous said...

Farmerjoe, when you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, here's a clue:

Quit digging!

Earl Glynn has been posting his Kansas Meadowlark "column" (and by column, I mean right-wing, fascist screed) under his own name for nearly five years. His anti-choice, anti-equality diatribes cloaked in the guise of "research" have been the constant theme of his writing. He's also been a paid consultant on far-right Kansas legislative campaigns; it's in candidates' finance reports. If, after all these years, he's now claiming he got fired for his political views he's almost certainly lying, as his identity has been very, very well known for years.

Or are you just making stuff up, and talking about things you know nothing about?

PS: You say my postings have been inappropriate, yet you call Sebelius "Governor Syphilis?" What a hypocrite.

Now go ahead and delete this post like you've done with several of my other ones.

So much for Republican values like "free speech."

farmerjoe said...

Sorry you think I'm lying to you. Meadowlark has initials at the end of each old post. I guess if you knew who they belonged to then good. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree that initials mean you're not anonymous. I'll be happy to put my initials at the end of my posts if you like. Let me know.

Miss Anonymous said...

Sure, Joey, and don't forget to link this blog to a personal website that tells aaaaaall about who you are, because that's what Glynn had on the SalJournal site.

Again, though, you're trying to change the subject - you know, the part where you lie about why Glynn lost his job. His former employers have known for years what he was writing, about his deep involvement with KFL, and his consulting work with hard-right candidates. If there's proof that his firing was retaliatory, produce it. Otherwise, talk about things you know about, like dirt clods.

Anonymous said...

How would a person "know" an employer "knew" something unless they were the employer?

Miss Anonymous said...

Oh, Anon@8:54, there's so much speculation about who Miss Anonymous may or may not be. But you're not even warm on that one.

Nice try, though!