Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy trails!

Wow, so the state finally went broke. With Sebelius at the wheel, it was just a matter of time.

My hat's off to legislative leaders for finally standing up for what is right. I can't say that I'm any too happy to learn my return will be delayed, but this train wreck has been in the works for many, many years.

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days, but ol' farmerjoe won't be Schilling out much for the next few days. I'm off to the east coast early tomorrow morning.

I'll be meeting my HillBilly of a friend in the afternoon. He says he knows someone who works in the Senate that can get us good viewing spots, but I really doubt that. My wife plans to catch the last flight out after work to meet me for a late Valentine's Day. I don't really understand the FUSs over that holiday.

We hope to go by and see some action in the Capital. I'm thinking about trying to stop by the RCN and see what's going on at Republican headquarters. Maybe stop by Roberts or Brownback's offices, but I'd probably just end up talking to an intern.

I'll try and check in, but who knows if my hotel room will have internet or not. Last time I was there you had to pay for it. I don't think so!

Happy late Valentine's Day! And Happy Broke Kansas Day too, I think!


Steve Richards said...

Tim, it was great to meet you at Kansas Days. Thanks for all the free food. I was stuffed. This blog post is really interesting, we did have a nice talk about the role of new technology and all that. You should come to Tempe sometime, it is very warm here in Arizona. Well I guess that's all.

Anonymous said...

$14,000 to your wife? Were the reimbursments legitimate? That's a lot of miles. Do your donors know you were enriching yourself off their hard, earned money?

- Dan said...

I do not understand this conversation about the $14,000. If she is driving or doing work for the campaign or for him as Senator, then why shouldn't she be reimbursed? When my wife does work for my newspaper business, I pay or reimburse her.
Would Tim's donors rather he have someone else working for him?
I think your argument is a joke.
And it is $14,000. You're trying to make it out like he is Bernie Madoff or something.
Find something new to complain about or go back to your KS-01 blog and block everyone else like me who is trying to set you straight. (Nothing like a one opinion "unbiased" blog.) Fools.

Anonymous said...

What? You pay your wife? What's wrong with you?

When she travels, do you pay her mileage? What for?

Now that Huckabee is behind Huelskamp, Wasinger's only potential advantage is gone (money.)

He should do us all a favor and get out now.